My Background:
I grew up on a farm and played multiple sports in high school and still do. Outdoor adventure sports have always been a form of therapy for me and it keeps me physically and mentally fit and achieving at high levels at home and at the office. 

I love the sport of obstacle course racing because it offers the perfect medium of individual and group sport to keep you physically & mentally fit and build your personal confidence to go conquer anything life throws at you. 

My Background:
Cliff is a native of the south (born and raised in Kernersville, North Carolina) where he grew up an avid gymnast and weightlifter. 

He is a graduate of North Carolina State University (GO PACK!) with a degree in Sport Management and a Sports Science (Minor) after starting at East Carolina on the swim/dive team, then University of Nebraska - Lincoln as a gymnist. After collage Cliff launched the incredible 12-State Crossfit gym running and operating before selling after 5 years. He is now 

Fitness stuff - After being a collegiate diver/gymnast, he still had the itch to compete and was lucky enough to jump into CrossFit before it was too mainstream. After a couple of years of training, I stumbled into the 2014 Regionals (Mid-Atlantic) - (the "semi-finals" prior to the CrossFit Games. Following that, he spent a few years in the GRID league as a gymnastics specialist with the New York Rhinos. After GRID, he spent time as an Olympic weightlifter, qualifying for the Arnold Sports Festival in the 69kg weight class and qualifying to US Nationals as an Olympic weightlifter in his first competitive season. After that Cliff dabbled into endurance races and worked his way up to running the 100-Mile Ultra Marathon - Blackbeard's Revenge on the OBX of North Carolina. Cliff is currently working out to be the coolest, fittest, and healthiest dad he can be for his two young kiddos. 
You will see him on the course running the show alongside of Jayson, and if you give him a "GO BIG RED!" you will most definitely get one back! (Nebraska Corn Husker thing if you were wondering about that)

Thank You to Chas Bailey, Founder of  DragonOCR 

Chas and his family built a great local race and a fantastic foundation for future growth. Thank you for your leadership, stay muddy!

Business Partner:
​Cliff Kohut

Owner: Jayson Humphrey


Why Dragon OCR?
This is not a huge corporation, I created this company from taking money out early from my 401k and borrowing money from friends and banks.  I promise to re-invest back into the company each and every race, making bigger and better obstacles.  I will give a percent of my profit to charities and people in need.  

​Why I love to Race: The Wonderful People
I have a real life true story that happened to me and my wife at an obstacle race. I don’t believe anywhere else, that this would have happened.  I took my entire family to the OCR race in Charlotte, NC 2016. My daughter was running the kids race, then me, my wife and my son were running the Sprint afterwards. My wife dropped her license and $60 cash in a plastic bag somewhere between the parking lot and the race event.  We looked around, but could not find it.  We did the race and afterwards heard someone over a speaker shouting my wifes name and please come to the booth.  Someone found her license and $60 cash and turned it in.  Shocked both the license and cash were still present.  That is proof that there are good people at these races, another reason to love this sport.