Welcom​e to Dragon Obstacle Course Race

Dragon Obstacle Course Race is approximately a 5k distance with 20+ obstacles. 
We are excited about the new location to use for the Fall 2018 event. The new location will have water and mud obstacles located at Ninja Cow Farm; 7125 Old Stage Road Raleigh NC. I plan on giving back to some local charities and a donation will be made to Wounded Warrior Project. My focus is to make the most unique, fun and challenging obstacle race.  Every Dragon OCR race will have a new course layout, some new obstacles, new medal and new finisher t-shirts! 

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Why Race?
I am sure everyone will have a different reason to challenge themselves with an obstacle race but the same outcome was achieved.  The feeling of accomplishment and success.  Everyone has struggles (obstacles) in their lives, some people openly express them, but most of us don’t.  We keep them inside and that is not healthy, we need a positive healthy release for our pent-up aggression, fear, anger or depression.  Once you step onto the obstacle course, you are now surrounded by strangers that become friends.  I know that sounds crazy, but it happens here and to my knowledge only here.  These people are genuinely good people, from all incomes, nationalities and races.  Doesn’t matter how young, old, out of shape, in-shape you are, we are all here to encourage you.