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We will have 20+ obstacles for each race event. After each race we will re-invest, adding new or modifying existing obstacles.  Our goal is to have unique, challenging yet fun obstacles, something for everyone.   Below is a list of some of the obstacles ideas that we may have at our races.  This list is not all inclusive and we will modify, replace, swap out, and add newer bigger and better obstacles after each event. 

For each event Dragon OCR has, it will have at least 20+ obstacles.  After each and every event I will add or modify obstacles, making every event bigger and better.  Doing this, will make my event better than the huge corporate OCR that changes very slightly maybe once a year.  I will post pictures of some of the new obstacles and keep some secret for a surprise at the race. Here is a list of some of the ideas that I have for obstacles: cargo net climb with water slide, zigzag monkey bars, rope swing over water, Rope traverse, ice swim/bath, mud pits/trenches, 50lbs – Women, 80 lbs - Men bucket carry, log flip, tire drag, 8 9 and 10 foot walls, incline wall climb with rope, over and under walls, fireman carry, rope climb ring the bell, pull chain with cement blocks, balance beam, Atlas balls, rope wall, pyramid climb, pipe tunnel crawl, 20 foot ladder wall, inverted wall, slant wall with rope swing, delta ladder climb, ice water crawl with rope, wall climb with pegs, dunk wall with ice water, warped wall, cliff hanger over water, rope climb platform, walking dips, fire pit jump and some RIGS.

RIG #1 (salmon ladder, atomic bomb grips, rings, and ropes)
RIG #2 (ropes, rings, swing bars, balls, chains)
RIG #3 (rope wall climb, rope traverse or cargo net, ladder climb)

If you have a unique, interesting or exciting obstacle idea, please email me your idea.  Please add a description and drawing/sketch of your awesome obstacle idea.  If I like your idea and use the obstacle in my race, I will send you a special discount code for a discounted race entry and a free t-shirt.  Send an email to contactus@DragonOCR.com use “Obstacle Idea” in the subject line.