Open waves from: 9:00am to 1pm
Waves every 15 mins, of 50 people max (200 an hour)
If you fail an obstacle or do not feel comfortable you may skip the obstacle.  You are welcome to attempt the obstacle as many times as you desire, but please be courteous to others and go to the back of the line for further attempts. Register early for the best choice of wave start times. 

​​This unique and challenging obstacle course race will include a balanced mix of fun, challenging, and very difficult obstacles.  The most difficult of the obstacles will challenge even most elite athletes. 

Dragon OCR Elite Option:
The challenge is to complete the entire race carrying an Atlas Stone, either a 40 or 80 lbs stone, you decide. You carry from the Start line to the beginning of each obstacle, set the Atlas Stone down, complete the obstacle, pick it back up and carry to the next obstacle. The course will be 1.5 miles, including 20+ obstacles.

You MUST carry the stone in front of you or on your side only. Do NOT place on your shoulder, this is NOT allowed. Placing the Atlas Stone on your shoulder could risk injury to yourself and others behind you. I repeat, Please do NOT place the Atlas Stone anywhere other than, in front of you or by your side – waist high, thank you for understanding and accepting this challenge.

Each person that crosses the finish line with their Atlas Stone will receive a unique Elite Finisher Beer Glass, along with the normal medal and finisher tee shirt.

Not timed, no 1st,2nd, 3rd place, Pay an additional $25, Limited to 60 racers

You can write your name and any motivational, or what inspires you to race on your atlas stone b/c you can keep and take home your Atlas Stone after the race! 

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2019 Race Events

Next event scheduled October 5th 2019 at 7125 Old Stage Road Raleigh, NC. Click link below to Register