Owner: Chas Bailey


My Background:
I played multiple sports in high school and into college.  After college, I played in Adult Basketball league, paintball, Mens Adult Flag Football league, but still wanted more.  I needed something to really challenge me, and found it in 2013 when I tried my first obstacle race with some friends.  I have been addicted ever since.  Some of the races I have completed are: Tough Mudder, Spartan, BattleFrog, BoneFrog, Rugged Maniac, Warrior Dash, TimberJack Challenge, Ninja race Challenge, Savage Race, etc…  Most of these I run every year, my healthy addiction 

Why Dragon OCR?
This is not a huge corporation, I created this company from taking money out early from my 401k and borrowing money from friends and banks.  I promise to re-invest back into the company each and every race, making bigger and better obstacles.  I will give a percent of my profit to charities and people in need.  

​Why I love to Race: The Wonderful People
I have a real life true story that happened to me and my wife at an obstacle race. I don’t believe anywhere else, that this would have happened.  I took my entire family to the OCR race in Charlotte, NC 2016. My daughter was running the kids race, then me, my wife and my son were running the Sprint afterwards. My wife dropped her license and $60 cash in a plastic bag somewhere between the parking lot and the race event.  We looked around, but could not find it.  We did the race and afterwards heard someone over a speaker shouting my wifes name and please come to the booth.  Someone found her license and $60 cash and turned it in.  Shocked both the license and cash were still present.  That is proof that there are good people at these races, another reason to love this sport.

About Me:
I was always an active kid, riding my bicycle around the neighborhood, playing multiple sports growing up.  We rode bikes with no helmets, play contact sports with no pads, we grew up strong, got some cuts, scrapes, and bruises along the way.  I believe humans were meant to move around, not always sit at a desk 8 plus hours a day, and drive home then sitting again watching TV.  That maybe fine for some, but not others, people like me and probably you, if you are reading this.  We want something more out of life as an adult.  We want to still feel like a kid inside and feel alive.  That is why I think obstacle racing has taken off so well.  So many of us, want more out of life, challenge ourselves physically.  When I am at an obstacle race, I am excited and nervous, it’s a wonderful feeling – you feel alive.  You are not thinking about all the stresses in your life, you are with friends and will make new friends, I always do.  Once you feel the thrill of crossing the finish line, doesn’t matter if you are first or last, you have accomplished your goal and no one can take that feeling and accomplishment away from you.