What is included in your race entry:
The race entry fee includes a finisher medal, race completion (Finisher) t-shirt, a sports drink like Powerade or Gatorade. 

What to bring: 
Bring a change of clothes, shoes, sun block, and a plastic bag for your dirty clothes.  Bring some extra cash for Dragon OCR merchandise. 

Arrival time:
Our gates open around 8AM. Locate the registration tent and check in using your picture ID to verify your entry. We recommend participants show up to registrations at least 30 minutes before their scheduled wave start time to allow time for check­-in, bag check, and other pre­-race preparations.

7125 Old Stage Road Raleigh NC 27603

Minimum age:
14 years old

Free parking, Free Bag Check, race for only $20 plus Insurance fee

If you want to Volunteer please send us an email 
contactus@dragonocr.com with your name, address, phone number and t-shirt size.  Please use "Volunteer" in the subject line in your email, thanks. In order to qualify you will have to volunteer 8am to 1pm, then you will need to register for the race with a special discount code that will be provided after your shift.  You are welcome to run any open heats from 12pm to 2pm.  Please let me know which area you desire to volunteer for: Registration, Obstacles, Start line, Finish Line, Water Stations, Handing out T-shirts or Medals.  Thank You for your support.

Bag Check:
Bag check will be available near registration tent. Please leave your valuables in your vehicles. Dragon OCR is not responsible for lost or stolen items.​

$10 cash only

Free entry for spectators, we encourage you to bring your friends and family members along.  They can watch and support you, while you race. Its advised for them to bring lawn chairs and cameras to take some pictures of you. 

We will hire a local professional photographer to take photos and videos for our event.  Once the photographer lets us know that all the pictures taken are available, we will post albums for you to view on Facebook
https://www.facebook.com/DragonOCR/. We will post some of our favorite pictures and videos on our website.  You are encouraged to take personal photos and post them to Facebook or any social media application for all to enjoy!
Insurance Fee:
This insurance covers you for medical expenses should you be injured during the event. Everyone is required to pay for this coverage, regardless of your own health insurance status.

We will have a DJ playing a variety of music, from top 40, rock and old school hip hop, so hopefully something for everyone.

We use a 3rd party vendor, they have wonderful options and features for you. 

If you are not able to attend and would like to transfer your registration, please send us an email  contactus@dragonocr.com

Dragon OCR Elite Option:
The challenge is to complete the entire race carrying an Atlas Stone, either a 40 or 80 lbs stone, you decide. You carry from the Start line to the beginning of each obstacle, set the Atlas Stone down, complete the obstacle, pick it back up and carry to the next obstacle. The course will be 1.5 miles, including 20+ obstacles.
You MUST carry the stone in front of you or on your side only. Do NOT place on your shoulder, this is NOT allowed. Placing the Atlas Stone on your shoulder could risk injury to yourself and others behind you. I repeat, Please do NOT place the Atlas Stone anywhere other than, in front of you or by your side – waist high, thank you for understanding and accepting this challenge.
Each person that crosses the finish line with their Atlas Stone will receive a unique Elite Finisher prize, along with the normal medal and finisher tee shirt.
The race is Not timed, no 1st,2nd, 3rd place, limited space available 
You can write your name and any motivational, or what inspires you to race on your atlas stone b/c you can keep and take home your Atlas Stone after the race! 

Wave Times: 
Open: 9 am to 1 pm
Waves every 15 mins, of 50 people max (200 an hour)
If you fail an obstacle or do not feel comfortable you may skip the obstacle.  You are welcome to attempt the obstacle as many times as you desire, but please be courteous to others and go to the back of the line for further attempts.
Register early for the best choice of wave start times.

Dragon OCR Waiver

Discount Code:
All US Military will receive a discount, 30% off all races, no expiration date, use code "Heros30"
Thank you for your service

Can I register the day of the Event:
Yes, walk­-up registrations the day of the event are available for all waves that are not already sold out.

Can you complete the course:
YES! You need to be able to walk/run a distance of 3 to 5 miles. If any obstacles are too difficult or you are unable to conquer them, you can simply skip the obstacle and walk around them.  Your fellow runners will be there to help you and the staff/volunteers will be present around the course to ensure the safety of our racers and help cheer you on.

Sponsor Opportunities:
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for my obstacle race company, Please send an email to 
contactus@DragonOCR.com and list Sponsor in the Subject line, thanks.  I am willing to put your company logo on my website, listed as a sponsor.  We can list your logo on all of our race finisher t-shirts, and possibly banners. If you want to have a booth at my race, there are various methods to achieve this: paid sponsorship or get 10 people to sign up for the race and receive a free booth rental space.

Race Day Weather: Inclement weather
Dragon OCR events are rain or shine. In the event of extreme, severe, or dangerous weather on the event day (lightning, high wind, etc.) Please check our website about any potential changes to the event schedule. On event day the safety of our race participants, spectators, volunteers and staff is vital. If inclement weather occurs the Race Director may either postpone or cancel the event to protect the safety of all in attendance. If this should occur, most likely we will re-schedule the event for the following weekend or a future date. 

Cancellation :
No Refunds for any reason including in the Event of Inclement Weather
In the event that inclement weather conditions should require cancellation of the race before it is to start or early termination after it has started because of safety concerns, I understand that the race maybe rescheduled to a future date. Depending on severity of the storm and/or damage to any obstacles, we may hold the event the following day or weekend.  I also understand and agree that my entry fee WILL NOT be refunded. 

Pets or outside alcohol are not permitted at our event.