Dragon Obstacle Course Race event will have multiple race options to choose from (OPEN 5k, ELITE, OPEN Multiple lap, and an Endurance challenge) Dragon OCR distance will vary depending on the wave selected with 20+ obstacles. The May 8th 2021 event will be located at Ninja Cow Farm in Raleigh, NC. This location has some very challenging and fun terrain to run on, mostly wooded, rolling hills, including a river, and a small pond. My focus is to make the most unique, fun and challenging obstacle race.  Every Dragon OCR race will have a new course layout, some new obstacles, new medal and new finisher t-shirts!

Race Options for May 8th, 2021 race

  • Open Wave 5k race with 20+ obstacles
  • Open Wave 5k race with 20+ obstacles (multiple laps)
  • Elite Wave 1.5 mile race with 20+ obstacles carrying an Atlas Stone (40/80 lbs) 
  • Endurance night challenge 4+ hours of physical challenges (various heavy carries individual and team, multiple course laps, various physical tests

OPEN – Finisher Tee Shirt and Medal
OPEN multiple laps – Finisher Tee Shirt and Medal and extra prize
ELITE – Finisher Tee Shirt and Medal and Atlas Stone
ENDURANCE – Finisher Tee Shirt and Medal and extra prize

Dragon OCR Elite Option (the below rules only apply to those who select the Elite option)
 The challenge is to complete the entire race carrying an Atlas Stone, either a 40 or 80 lbs stone, you decide. You carry from the Start line to the beginning of each obstacle, set the Atlas Stone down, complete the obstacle, pick it back up and carry to the next obstacle. The course will be 1.5 miles, including 20+ obstacles.

 You MUST carry the stone in front of you or on your side only. Do NOT place on your shoulder, this is NOT allowed. Placing the Atlas Stone on your shoulder could risk injury to yourself and others behind you. I repeat, Please do NOT place the Atlas Stone anywhere other than, in front of you or by your side – waist high, thank you for understanding and accepting this challenge. The only exception to this rule is, if you have a rucksack strong enough, you can use that to carry the Atlas Stone.

Each person that crosses the finish line with their Atlas Stone will receive a finisher medal and finisher tee shirt.
Not timed, no 1st,2nd, 3rd place, Limited racers
You can write your name and any motivational, or what inspires you to race on your atlas stone b/c you can keep and take home your Atlas Stone after the race!

Endurance night challenge
Begins at 6pm and lasts approximately 4 hours.  The Endurance test has individual and team challenges. You will have various physical challenges, climbing obstacles, various heavy carries, you will be tested.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes early.  You must have a headlamp!   Sign up if you can handle the challenge.